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Optimizing Leadership with the Leadership Circle Profile


In the precarious world of small businesses, leadership is critical to success. Implementing the Leadership Circle Profile (LCP) can revolutionize how small business leaders understand and enhance their leadership capabilities. This tool, intricately connected with leadership, business, and personal development concepts, offers a nuanced approach to fostering effective leadership in small business contexts.

Understanding the Leadership Circle Profile in Small Business Contexts

The Leadership Circle Profile is a comprehensive 360-degree assessment tailored to leadership development. In small businesses, where resources are often limited and the impact of leadership is pronounced, LCP acts as a guide for personal and professional growth.

  • Tailored Feedback for Small Business Leaders: The LCP provides specific insights into the strengths and areas for growth for each leader, crucial for the agility required in small business environments.
  • Identifying Leadership Patterns: The tool helps in recognizing both creative competencies and reactive tendencies, offering a balanced perspective essential for effective decision-making in small business scenarios.

Applying LCP for Enhanced Leadership in Small Businesses

  • Focused Leadership Development: By utilizing LCP, small business leaders can pinpoint key areas for development, aligning their growth with business objectives.
  • Building Cohesive Teams: The LCP assists in aligning leadership teams’ strengths with organizational goals, fostering a unified direction and enhanced teamwork.
  • Strategic Decision Making: With insights from LCP, leaders can make informed, strategic decisions that resonate with their business model and market demands, ensuring sustainable growth and innovation.
  • Continuous Improvement: The Leadership Circle Profile encourages ongoing learning and adaptability, traits vital for navigating the ever-evolving challenges of small businesses.

Leveraging the Leadership Circle Profile for Business Growth

  • Developing a Leadership Strategy: Small business leaders can use LCP results to formulate a leadership strategy that is coherent with their business plan.
  • Enhancing Organizational Culture: By understanding the underlying assumptions and beliefs driving their behavior, leaders can cultivate an organizational culture conducive to innovation and satisfaction.
  • Measuring Progress and Impact: Regular reassessments using the LCP can help track leadership development progress and its impact on business performance.


The Leadership Circle Profile offers an innovative approach to understanding and enhancing leadership capabilities. By leveraging this tool, small business leaders can ensure their leadership style aligns with their business goals, driving success and growth. In my own experience, I discovered that my major reactive tendencies were protectiveness. This insight allowed me to change my behaviour and lead more courageously.

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