Oli Paterson

Business coach & consultant in Victoria, Canada

(working with clients everywhere)

What is business coaching?


Just like a trainer helps you work out, a business coach helps you run your business more effectively. It’s more about helping you to better yourself.

What is business consultancy? 

A business consultant can analyze your problems and provide solutions. Consultancy is more aligned with problem-solving and zooming in.

About Me

Hi, I’m Oli Paterson. I grew up by the seaside in the UK and have since put down roots on Vancouver Island in Canada.

I have had a long, winding journey toward entrepreneurial thinking. From my not-so-sure 20s working in fraud prevention, logistics and even a chocolate shop (read: eating chocolate) to swinging a hammer for a living, it has been an experience. As I made each attempt at finding my calling, I took another swipe with the brush, flailing at the canvas of life, until I stood back and found nothing but a mess.

Fast forward to today, and I am living the quasi-dream. I own multiple businesses, I am back in higher education and I have time to pursue my passion of helping you. Find out more now.

That feeling in the pit of your stomach? I've been there.

Hybrid coaching & consultancy

working together

Two heads are better than one. We can use this to our advantage and uncover your blind spots. Sometime you are just too close to the business to see things clearly.

systemization and processes

I specialize in building processes. You will be left with a more efficient and easier-to-run business. Get your time back. 

i know that you need a good ROI

You are doing this because you want to make more money and make your life easier. That is what we will achieve together.

i value your time

I know your time is precious. If I have nothing useful to say then I won’t say it. We will move forward with purpose.  

What I can do for you

I specialize in working with small service businesses. I own multiple SSB’s and I have made every mistake in the book. I have also fixed them.

I work with clients as a business coach to help them better themselves and give them the tools to fix problems themselves. I listen to your problems and probe to find solutions together. I know that even just talking about a business problem can present so many opportunities for success.

I want to help, and if I can’t then I won’t pretend to. I have a network of expert consultants at the ready for specialist areas of knowledge. I can act as a general consultant for small business based on my years of experience and battle tested management skills.

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